Petit Biscuit Is ‘Wide Awake’ in Exploration to Find Reality in a Digital World: Watch

2019-02-22T13:26:21+00:00February 22nd, 2019|News|

French producer Petit Biscuit has defined himself with music that balances hard edges and soft beauty. The 19-year-old producer now extends this signature style with “Wide Awake,” a deeply celestial track that lends itself to daydreaming, or just nodding with your eyes closed and earphones in.

The release comes as the artist winds down a monthlong retreat in Iceland. Indeed, “Wide Awake” plays like the ideal soundtrack to still snowscapes and northern lightshows. “I started creating ‘Wide Awake’ a few months ago with this vocal chop that sounds exactly like a weird flute, and all that wild music blended with bass music,” he tells Billboard.

He continues, “When we talked with Quentin (who directed the video) about the clip, I told him the most important thing about ‘Wide Awake’ is this feeling of war between organic elements and a kind of dark, electronic element. It was then very obvious for us to explore the theme of finding reality in a digital world, and it’s an important subject today with all the time we spend feeding non-realities on social media etc. That’s also the main reason why I went to Iceland for a month.”

Watch the official music video for “Wide Awake” below, which explores the coexistence of nature and technology.

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