Luke Bryan Reveals the Real Reason He Fell During Concert, Jokes He Needs the ‘Viral Moment’

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The country star wiped out during his recent show in Vancouver, B.C.

Luke Bryan‘s party came crashing down over the weekend when he fell right on his back during his Vancouver, B.C., concert. But while the country star joked at the time that a fan who’d thrown their cell phone on the stage would be hearing from his attorney, Bryan has since revealed that he thinks the oopsie was caused by an entirely different reason.

“Ironically, last week, I was having back trouble to the point where I had to get a chiropractor to the room,” he began in an interview with Entertainment Tonight on the American Idol red carpet Monday night (April 22). “It’s because I’ve been cycling. When I get to L.A., I love to go cycling around. I love it out here.”

“When I hit the ground, I was like, ‘Oh!’ The first thing [I thought] was, ‘Oh god, all the work I did to get my back feeling better is out!’” he continued, laughing. “Everybody is reporting [about the] cellphone, but I was kind of hamming that up. I don’t think it was a cellphone. I think it was just slick.”

The country star elaborated on the slickness of the stage to Extra. He shared that when he looked back at footage of the fall, there may have been an additional culprit. “I keep my water bottles down there, and I think a water bottle may have spilled,” he said. “But whatever, it was slicker than a banana peel. Thankfully, it’s a cheap way to get a viral moment going.”

Bryan is currently on his Mind of a Country Boy Tour, which will next make stops in Saskatoon, Winnipeg and Jacksonville, Fla. While performing in Vancouver, he slipped and fell backward in a moment of unplanned slapstick comedy that even Charlie Chaplin would be envious of, after which the “Drunk on You” singer asked the crowd, “Did anybody get that?”

Picking up a cellphone that had made its way onto the part of the stage where he fell, Bryan added, “My lawyer will be calling.”

“I need viral moments, you know? I need viral moments!” he later joked to ET. “My new single is ‘Love You, Miss You, Mean It.’ Now I gotta get the bumper sticker made — ‘I busted my a– and this is my new single.’”

Indeed, “Love You, Miss You, Mean It” arrived April 5, debuting at No. 40 on the Hot Country Songs chart. Bryan is also in the midst of finishing out his latest season on American Idol as a judge alongside Lionel Richie and Katy Perry, with the show premiering its Billboard Hot 100 No. 1 hits-themed episode Monday.

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