Spencer Ludwig Exits the ‘Honeymoon’ Phase Stronger Than Ever

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Cait Fairbanks – Spencer Ludwig

New York-based artist Spencer Ludwig is moving forward in style on his latest single “Honeymoon,” premiering exclusively on Billboard today (Sept. 27).

The song marks a major expansion in sound for the acclaimed trumpeter-songwriter-vocalist, with a heavy pop influence that pushes the sultry R&B track into an all-around enlightening and liberating experience. The track is lifted by two key features from rising singer Z, who Ludwig says he “knew right away that she would be the perfect addition to the song,” and rapper Drü Oliver, who recently worked with Ludwig on the Brady Watt track “MÁS.”

“‘Honeymoon’ was written in the midst of a relationship that was falling apart,” Ludwig tells Billboard. “It started off like most relationships, easy and fun, until we hit a rough patch. ‘Honeymoon’ examines the feelings I had of being at that crossroads when we were faced with the decision to push through or give up.”

Ludwig has built an impressive resume through work as a featured performer, including his tenure with Capital Cities and recent work with Colombian singer Fonseca, but “Honeymoon” finds Ludwig honing his ability as a musical director, surrounding himself with amplifying and cohesive talent, while immersing himself further in the New York songwriting community.

It’s a homegrown collaboration that Ludwig touts as “made from top to bottom in NYC by New Yorkers. NYC is coming back!”

Check out “Honeymoon” below.

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