Yes, It’s Little Mix, Galantis & David Guetta On The Same Track: Behold ‘Heartbreak Anthem’

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Typically, breakups stink. You wade through the emotional sludge of hurt feelings and heartache, spending nights you used to share with your object of affection instead watching Netflix, eating chips and going to bed early. It’s rarely exciting and not always pretty. Sometimes though, those janky relationships just slough off like dead skin and you emerge out the other side sleeker, chicer, happier and more evolved.

So goes the themes of “Heartbreak Anthem” a new single out Thursday (May 20) from Galantis, Little Mix and David Guetta. Could this track be about Jesy Nelson’s departure from Little Mix last December? Hard to say! (Beyond the fact that in a press release Galantis says they’ve been working on the song for over a year.)

What we know for sure is that the song’s production is built from brightly plucky strings and synth, with the lyrics — in the grand tradition of Destiny’s Child’s “Survivor” — focused on being better than that: not holding grudges, understanding that while sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t, and that while maybe we’ll fix this, it’s also possible we won’t. Whatever! Who cares!

In fact, despite the titular implications, this scrappy crew of musical stars emphasizes the song is actually not a heartbreak anthem at all, because these ladies just “ain’t got no time to dwell on it.” Indeed, bless up.

The track then swells into the kind of massive bubblegum-leaning dance/pop that Galantis has made their bread and butter since blowing up with “Peanut Butter Jelly” and that Guetta has been uplifting the damn world with for a decade-plus.

“Heartbreak Anthem” is out via Big Beat. Listen below.

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