Why Miley Cyrus Says Vocal Cord Surgery Was a ‘Gift’

2020-02-03T11:35:38+00:00February 3rd, 2020|News|

Miley Cyrus is speaking — well, singing — out after undergoing vocal cord surgery in late 2019.

The singer kicked off February with a video update on Instagram, giving fans a peek into her post-surgery vocal exercises.

“No No No No No more wall squat vocal rehabilitation exercises! ( cool trick get another muscle to fire so your throat is distracted, it takes the pressure off your chords and doing this against a wall also helps keep the chin and neck parallel/ back so you have less strain and pull! ),” she wrote alongside the clip in which she’s seen singing while squatting, all with a smile.

Her “cool trick” doesn’t exactly look easy, but it turns out all that hard work is making her vocal ability even stronger than it was before surgery.

“everything is soooo divine these days ( and ALWAYS. sometimes just harder to stay aware of the magic),” Cyrus explained. “I’m finding my vocal surgery at the end of last year to be a gift, made me take time to really hone my craft ! Watch out!”

Watch her unique vocal warm-up below.

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