Which Pregnant Pop Star Feels Like She’s Turning Into a Big, Green Ogre Right Now?

2020-05-27T20:17:09+00:00May 27th, 2020|News|

There’s nothing quite like being very pregnant just as the temperature is starting to climb at the beginning of summer. And, oh right, it’s also the middle of a pandemic quarantine, so you can’t even go for walks with your favorite fellow preggers pals to commiserate about all your weird body stuff.

Plus, if you’re Katy Perry, you’re feeling a bit, well, ogre-ish. Perry, who is expecting her first child, a girl, with fiancé Orlando Bloom, tweeted early Wednesday morning (May 27) that, “I’m starting to look like shrek now just forewarning u.” While Perry, 35, has not discussed when her baby is due, recent pictures make it seem like she’s well on her way and based on a recent interview with Radio.com, the increasingly buff Bloom, 43, isn’t helping her feel any less green.

“My friend said it best the other day. She said, ‘Anyone that is thriving in week nine of quarantine is a freaking psycho. I’m turning into Shrek, size-wise, and Orlando is turning into The Hulk,” she shared about her changing body compared to the 43-year-old actor.

“I’m a planner. I’m a super-planner. And in the past, I’ve been a perfectionist or slash control freak, and all perfectionist slash control freaks are spiraling right now,” Perry added. “And planners are spiraling. So, I’m spiraling a little bit, like, every day,” she said. “But I also chalk it up to the uncertainty of being pregnant for the first time and having a child and not knowing.”

Perry recently released the single “Daisies,” from her upcoming follow-up to 2017’s Witness, which is due out on Aug. 14.

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