Watch Selena Gomez Re-Create ‘Full House’ Scene With Sister Gracie: ‘I’m Not Falling for That!’

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With two younger sisters of her own, it’s no surprise that Selena Gomez relates to one of the most iconic TV big sisters of all time: DJ Tanner from Full House. The pop star posted an adorable TikTok on Thursday of her and 8-year-old sister Gracie lip-syncing to a classic Full House DJ-vs.-Stephanie argument.

In the video, Gomez plays the part of DJ while Gracie performs as the super sassy Stephanie. “I’m older. I’m younger. I’m taller. I’m shorter. I’m smarter. I’m… not falling for that,” they say, trading lines back and forth. At the end, Gracie reaches to grab her big sister’s face.

The singer has recently been really ramping up her TikTok videos, wherein she picks out funny audio clips and masterfully acts them out for her 31.6 million followers on the platform. She posted another TikTok that same day in celebration of her 29th birthday, mouthing along to Trap Beckham’s “Birthday Bitch.” And before that, she made one to poke fun at her younger self by mouthing along to audio of her speaking with an interviewer at Teen Vogue’s 2007 Young Hollywood party — the clip, which features 14-year-old Gomez excitedly describing the blue streaks in her hair, had already been circulating around the app.

Watch Gomez and her sister re-enact the Full House clip here:

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