Watch Niall Horan & James Corden Save Lives While Channeling The Proclaimers on ‘Late Late Show’

2020-03-12T13:30:48+00:00March 12th, 2020|News|

On night three of his weeklong Late Late Show, Niall Horan went all-in. Not only did he perform the song “No Judgement” from his upcoming Earthquake Weather album, which drops on Friday (March 13), but he also joined host James Corden in paying homage to the beloved 1980s Scottish pop duo The Proclaimers.

They did that in the weirdest way possible, of course. We open on a gunman holding hostages while negotiating with a S.W.A.T. team. At their wits end with talks, the officials call in the only reinforcements they can: the twin singers with their signature brogue. Dressed in khakis, red shirts, Coke-bottle glasses and red wigs and marching with purpose, the pair stroll up to the scene singing the duo’s signature “(I’m Gonna Be) 500 Miles” hit to defuse the situation.

Their twin magic saves the day, just as they do a short time later when a patient is flatlining at an accident scene and they pump his heart back to life. The takeaway: when things get hairy, you call in the Proclaimers.

Horan was super-chill during the “No Judgement” performance, strolling casually through Corden’s studio in a lavender suit and stopping to take a selfie with fans, hanging with his new pals on the show backstage and in the control room before climbing some steps on his way to the stage to finish the island-themed pop tune.

Watch Horan on The Late Late Show below.

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