Watch Luke Combs Teach Ed Sheeran How to Shotgun a Beer: ‘That Was Really Impressive’

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When it comes to music, Ed Sheeran knows how to do just about anything, from selling out stadiums around the world to writing an endless string of hit songs for himself and his friends. But when it comes to chugging beers, the “Bad Habits” singer definitely had a steep learning curve when his “Life Goes On” singing partner Luke Combs recently gave him a life lesson in the quintessential American art of suds-based party tricks.

In a beery bromance Instagram video posted on Monday (May 15), Combs taught Sheeran how to shotgun a beer. “Alright, for context, Luke is… what is it, shooting?” Sheeran asks in the clip as the pair stand on a patio at sunset holding cans of Miller Lite. “Shotgunning,” Combs politely corrects his English friend.

With holes punched into their respective cans, Sheeran proudly announces, “Luke is teaching me how to shotgun a beer.” Bryan then provides a basic tutorial, explaining, “You wanna be mindful of where your top is. Cuz once that opens beer is coming out of that if it’s pointing at the ground. So you want this pointing at the sky.” Combs then offers to go first as Sheeran wonders if they should just try it in tandem.

“I think we go together, right,” Sheeran suggests. And then, after a quick countdown, they raise their cans, pop the tops and chug-a-lug, with Combs guzzling his can in just a few seconds. Sheeran — who famously has his own fully stocked pub at home — meanwhile, gamely tries to down the whole beer before tossing it to the ground with a noticeable thud that indicates he may have left some in the tank.

“That’s really impressive,” Sheeran says as Combs and the crew burst out laughing. In another show of transcontinental good cheer, Combs later commented on the clip, writing, “Cheers, mate! (Did I do that right? Haha.)”)

Though it was their first tandem pop and shoot, the stunt was not the pair’s first rodeo. Combs and Sheeran performed Ed’s “Life Goes On” together at the 2023 ACM Awards last week and in 2021 Combs invited Sheeran to join him on stage at the Country 2 Country Festival for a run through Ed’s “Dive.”

Watch the gun show below.

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