Watch Ed Sheeran and Elton John Adorably Exchange Ugly Soccer-Themed Christmas Sweaters

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Celebrities, they’re just like us. Look no further than mega-selling pop pals Elton John and Ed Sheeran, who posted a sweet video on Wednesday (Dec. 13) of their annual gift exchange. The 82-second clip opens with Sheeran in a dark blue puffer jacket preparing to go watch a soccer match between Ipswich Town and Watford with John.

“And I’ve brought him some Christmas presents,” Sheeran says. As he arrives at the stadium, Sheeran reveals that he’s gotten John a classic holiday gift: an ugly sweater (or “jumper” as they call them in England.) Asked by his companion if he thinks the famously stylish John will wear it, Sheeran laughs, “I doubt it.”

Cut to the two exchanging packages, Merry Christmases, a hug and “I love you”s before Sheeran shows off his truly terrible Christmas-themed Watford sweater and John proudly holds up his snowflake-decked Ipswich Town top; Sheeran is famously an Ipswich supporter. “Just what I wanted… A Watford jumper!” Sheeran enthuses as John busts out the Ipswich nickname, “come on you Tractor Boys!”

The two then hit the stands, where they perform an impromptu bit of John’s “Your Song” — and Sheeran steals John’s famous spectacles as a prank — before Ed raises his first in victory after his team bested Watford 2-1. An annoyed John, who bought the Watford team in the 1970s and served as its chairman and president for more than 25 years, shakes his head in resignation at the result.

The friends share one more hug and Sheeran sings a bit of their hit new holiday classic, “Merry Christmas,” which went straight to No. 1 on the Billboard Adult Contemporary chart in 2021.

Watch the video below.

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