Watch Camila Cabello’s Mom Trim Her Bangs to Avoid Looking Like ‘F—ing Snape’

2020-04-23T11:00:53+00:00April 23rd, 2020|News|

Add cutting bangs to Camila Cabello’s quaran-routine. The 23-year-old artist took a video of herself fresh out the shower when her mom, Sinuhe Estrabao, got straight to work on her daughter’s fresh ‘do.

“This is what it’s come to: The bangs are too long, can’t go outside, I’m going to have to trust this woman — that’s her — with my bangs,” the “Havana” singer announced while pointing the camera to her mom brushing her wet locks.

Cabello revealed she used to cut them herself when she was in seventh grade but refrained from the hairy business because “they looked like mountains” at the time. But when Estrabao snipped away, Cabello found herself with another shape she didn’t approve of.

“She really f—ed it up. … My bangs are short, longer, longer, longer, short, longer, longer, longer. And she just horizontal lined that sh–. We’ll see how I look, if I’m going to look like f—ing Snape,” she grumbled before comparing her pre-haircut style to that of the shaggy-haired Harry Potter character.

Tune in to the Cabello household barbershop below.

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