Viral Dancing Alien Popoy Is Back in El Taiger & DJ Unic’s ‘Me Kemaste’ Video: Watch

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The Dame Tu Cosita Challenge that became a worldwide sensation in 2018 not only revived a 1998 timeless hit by El Chombo, but also introduced us to Popoy, the dancing green alien who loves Latin music. Now, the animated fella is back in 2019, dancing to a new track called “Me Kemaste” by Cuban artists El Taiger and DJ Unic.

Released Friday by Ultra Music, the new animated video directed by Sihem Ouillani and animated by Artnoux shows the viral green alien joined by his squad and flaunting playful-yet-simple choreography to the beat of “Me Kemaste,” an EDM-infused reggaeton track.

“Popoy’s connecting with people in an amazing way,” Patrick Moxey, owner of Ultra Music, tells Billboard. “This new video is excellent. It’s meant to be fun and it’s great to team up with DJ Unic and Taiger.”

“I’m very excited with this giant step that I am taking in my career and the opportunity to release ‘Me Kemaste’ along with Popoy, Ultra Music, Sony International B1, and Urban Latin Records,” El Taiger says in a press release. “I am so pleased with the work that I’ve done with DJ Unic because without him, producing this song wouldn’t have been possible.”

With a new animated clip, catchy track and playful choreography making the rounds, Moxey assures that people of all ages will be seeing more of Popoy on social media, music videos and concerts. “Popoy is a part of reggaeton music. Someone who uses dance to help communicate Latin music and is ultimately involved with the artist in a fun way,” he says. “Popoy’s DNA is to have fun and enjoy!”

“Me Kemaste” is the second animated video featuring the dancing green alien, following “Dame Tu Cosita,” which landed on the Billboard Hot 100 and currently has more than 1.3 billion views on YouTube.

Watch the animated music video for “Me Kemaste” below.

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