Trailer For Pedro Almodovar’s ‘Dolor y Gloria’ Features Song by Italian Pop Siren Mina: Watch

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‘Come Sinfonia’ sets the dramatic tone for Almodovar’s new autobiographical movie, due to premiere in Spain this March.
Spanish director Pedro Almodovar’s soundtracks are as anticipated as his films. Known for his devotion to remarkable and radical women, Almodovar has previously spotlighted turbulent ballads by Chavela Vargas, La Lupe and Eartha Kitt in his like-minded movies, reviving interest in those artists’ repertoires.

In the first trailer for Almodovar’s new autobiographical feature Dolor y Gloria, which stars Antonio Banderas and Penelope Cruz, “Come Sinfona” (performed by Italian pop siren Mina Mazzini) sets the dramatic tone.

Songs by Mina, as she is known, were a staple on the Italian pop charts in the 1960s and ‘70s. Her dreamy song “This World We Love In,” an English version of “Il cielo in una stanza,” made it to the Billboard 100 chart in 1961. Like other Almodovar favorites, Mina, blessed with a vocal range that took her from down-and-dirty rock and roll to operatic pop, was branded a “bad girl”; her songs were banned from radio and TV in the 1960s. Now 78, she continues to record.

Dolor y Gloria also features Rosalía in a small role (Almodovar had followed the young singer’s career long before she became 2018’s new sensation). Rosalía’s musical contribution to the film, which premieres on March 22 in Spain, has not yet been revealed.

Watch the trailer below.

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