Tove Lo Lives Out Her Action-Movie Fantasy in ‘Glad He’s Gone’ Video: Watch

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When you go through a rough breakup, you need to have that one friend you can call and talk to for hours about what went down. If her new video is any indication, Tove Lo is exactly that kind of a friend.

On Monday (June 17), Tove Lo released the music video for her new song “Glad He’s Gone,” where the star sings about telling her friend to be happy she broke it off with her bad boyfriend. The video follows a similar thread, with Lo taking a phone call while on a date, stepping outside to put her girlfriend’s mind at ease.

What ensues, however, is perhaps one of Lo’s funniest videos to date — instead of simply staying outside the restaurant, Lo wanders the entire planet, through hurricanes, deserts and even on top of trains and tall buildings, all while still on the phone with her friend.

The video culminates in an insane montage, as Lo is arrested for attacking a burglar. All while still talking on the phone, the singer is questioned and sent to prison, breaks out of prison, changes her identity and runs from the law… but not before stopping back at her date, who is still sitting waiting for her, to get the check.

In a previous interview with Billboard, Lo said that while the original concept of the song simply came from her singing the words “glad he’s gone” to herself, she ultimately wanted to make something relatable for her fans. “We all have friends dating an idiot that we want them to get rid of,” she said. “It’s just a celebration when they finally pull the trigger on that, but you still need to be the supportive friend and give them the love and support that they need.”

Check out Tove Lo’s hilarious new video for “Glad He’s Gone” below:

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