Tori Kelly Kicks Off New Quarantine EP With Acoustic Cover of Drake’s ‘Time Flies’

2020-07-23T11:45:35+00:00July 23rd, 2020|News|

Tori Kelly shared an acoustic cover of Drake’s “Time Flies” on Wednesday (July 22) to coincide with the announcement of her upcoming EP, Solitude.

On the track, the Grammy winner transforms the rapper’s 2020 Dark Lane Demo Tapes album cut into a tender lullaby. “I’m outside in an AMG/ Right outside, TT/ Too turnt, baby yeah, you know me, yeah/ Who am I? All the people ’round me ride or they die/ Gotta watch the time ’cause it’s flyin’ right by/ Too turnt, baby yeah, you know me,” she croons on the chorus over gentle guitar with her trademark vocal flourish.

The song will be featured on Kelly’s new EP — which follows her 2019 sophomore album Inspired by True Events — along with four original tracks she penned and recorded from home amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

“I’ve never been more thankful for my home studio than I have during this season of being quarantined,” the singer-songwriter said in a statement about the project. “In some ways, it felt like I was going back to my roots, when I would be in my room, making songs and posting covers on YouTube. A lot of change has happened since my last album, so it felt great to just freely write what was on my heart and be inspired by different stories. I had so much fun creating this EP and I’m excited to share this new chapter of my music.”

Solitude is set to arrive Aug. 14 via Capitol Records/Schoolboy Records.

Check out Kelly’s take on “Time Flies” below, as well as a look at the EP’s cover art.

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