Tiffany Young Captivates with ‘Magnetic Moon’: Watch the Music Video

2019-08-02T10:37:15+00:00August 2nd, 2019|News|

Tiffany Young has harnessed lunar power in her latest song, “Magnetic Moon.”

Released today (Aug. 2) as the clock struck midnight on the East Coast and officially ended Young’s 30th birthday on Aug. 1, the lo-fi disco-infused pop track was put out through an enchanting music video full of glitz, glam and moonlight. The song creates a magical effect with heavy Auto-Tune, enhancing Young’s tone.

Young — who got her start in the K-pop world as a member of Girls’ Generation and has since turned her attention to the U.S. where she hails from — worked with designer Kim He Kim on the music video concept, bringing to life a modern-day classic diva concept through high-fashion looks enhanced by show-stopping celestial imagery and graceful choreography.

In a statement, Young described the song as being something “for everyone that sparkles at night in the moonlight.” Serving as co-writer on the track with Kwaye, Viktoria Hansen, and Kev Nish, she added, “Some of my best writing and recording sessions are in the latest hours looking up at the moon, and there’s a special creative energy it brings out of me that I wanted to capture in the music video. On set, I felt like the moon inspired my dance and performance. The moon can pull something special out of us, and pull us together.”

The release was preceded by a reunion of Girls’ Generation’s members in Seoul to celebrate Young’s birthday, with both the “Magnetic Moon” singer and other members sharing photos and video content on social media. Though the Girls’ regularly interact and reference one another, this is the first time since early last year that the eight women have shared images of them all being together.

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