These Are Hayley Williams’ Top 5 Paramore Songs

2020-06-30T09:42:13+00:00June 30th, 2020|News|

Hayley Williams was looking through Twitter on Sunday (June 28) when she came across self-proclaimed “Paramore stan” Jay Coles’ ranking of his top five Paramore songs.

On his list? “That’s What You Get,” “Misguided Ghosts,” “Rose-Colored Boy,” “Decode” and “Part II.” Williams seemed to agree, since she ended up liking the tweet.

But some eagle-eyed fans who noticed the thumbs up wanted more. “hayley u can’t like this and then not share ur top five Paramore songs, ur the #1 stan you have to share,” another Twitter user followed up.

The band’s frontwoman was up for the challenge. On her list were “Told You So,” “Hard Times,” “Pool,” “Rose-Colored Boy” and “Caught Myself (live).”

She also included two honorable mentions, “Hate to See Your Heart Break” and the heartbreaking “Tell Me How,” even though she admitted she “cant listen to it.”

See below.

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