The Weeknd Drops Chilling ‘Out of Time’ Video Starring Jim Carrey & ‘Squid Game’s HoYeon Jung

2022-04-05T16:09:14+00:00April 5th, 2022|News|

Fun. Flirty. Horrifying on an existential level. The Weeknd‘s new music video for “Out of Time” is all these things and more, complete with electric performances from Squid Game star HoYeon Jung and Jim Carrey.

Released Tuesday (April 5), The Weeknd’s new visual is absolutely adorable — until it isn’t. His and HoYeon’s characters meet in an elevator and spend the evening drinking, dancing and singing the lyrics to “Out of Time” as if they were performing it together at a karaoke bar. But their impromptu date begins to splinter — and then shatter — when the music distorts, and none other than Carrey’s voice seeps in.

“Don’t you dare touch that dial, ’cause like the song says, you are out of time!” the Truman Show actor commands in a creepy whisper, as if he were the host of a radio program. The Weeknd (born Abel Tesfaye) begins to realize that a third presence has been stalking him the entire time before the camera shifts to first person point of view and viewers are made to feel like they are receiving a face transplant from an evil doctor played by Carrey.

“You’re almost there, but don’t panic,” continues Carrey, who was featured on The Weeknd’s most recent album, Dawn FM. “There’s still more music to come before you’re completely engulfed in the blissful embrace of that little light you see in the distance.”

Tesfaye first began teasing the “Out of Time” music video on Twitter at the end of March, slowly releasing a stream of still photos from the project that ranged from cute to bone chilling — just like the video itself. He also explained that each of the Dawn FM music videos and his special with Amazon Prime have a specific viewing order to them.

“Dawn universe videos in order… take my breath > sacrifice > The Weeknd dawn fm experience on Amazon prime > gasoline … THEN out of time,” he explained on Twitter.

Watch The Weeknd and HoYeon Jung’s karaoke date take a horrific turn in the “Out of Time” music video below:

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