‘The Voice’ Contestant Grace Bello’s Soaring Justin Bieber Cover Gets a Four-Chair Turn

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On The Voice, four-chair turns are the stuff of dreams. Grace Bello is allowed to dream.

A 21-year-old, originally from Cibilo, Texas, Bello has just relocated to Lacey, Washington. Now she’s in America’s sweet spot.

When Bello performed Justin Bieber’s “Ghost” during the blind auditions, the response was positive and immediate.

John Legend turned two lines in. Then Blake Shelton spun around, and a frenzy of turns.

“It was amazing, because so many times we’ll get singers with these big, huge voices on the show and they do really well,” Legend remarks. “But, we’ve also had those singers who were way more subtle. I actually won with a singer like that in my first season here. Her name was Maelyn. I heard that in you as well. You just have so much control, and your tone is so beautiful.”

When asked if she plays any instruments, Grace said she’s learning the keys.

“I played a little keyboard in my day,” notes Legend. And then, the sales pitch: “I think we can make some beautiful music on this show, and I would love to coach you.”

Stefani explains, “It’s really rare that somebody will show that many sides of their voice, or that they even have that many sides to their voice. You were able to get tender with your voice, and really listen to the lyrics of what you’re saying.”

The No Doubt singer then gave her best pitch. “That’s also rare for someone so young, and I think you would fit in really, really good on Team Gwen. There really isn’t anyone on my team who can do runs the way that you do. There’s really nobody like you on my team.”

Camila Cabello was the only judge who knew the number by heart. “I was like, ‘Oooh, she’s singing a Justin Bieber song, so I’m guessing that she likes pop music.’ I would be really excited to explore song choices with you.”

Gwen chimed in, “And I love Justin Bieber!”

Sure, they all do.

Camila then compares Grace to Ariana Grande. Bello says she’s Sicilian, to which Gwen says she’s also Italian and John says he got married in Italy. Everyone wants a piece of Grace, who also happens to be Cuban.

“I don’t have a clue what I am. Maybe Italian?” quips Shelton.

Watch how it pans out below.

Watch below.

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