Taylor Swift Taught St. Vincent How to Cook Steak, But Annie’s Version Was Straight ‘Hockey Puck’

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St. Vincent revealed that Taylor Swift invited her over a few years ago for a cooking lesson and when she later tried to replicate the meal for friends it was a total kitchen catastrophe. Appearing on the latest episode of Jessie Ware’s Table Manners podcast, St. Vincent recalled that sometime around 2015 Swift offered to teach the Daddy’s Home singer how to whip up a classic steak, asparagus and cauliflower meal.

“And it’s very sweet of her to have done that and I don’t remember exactly why… I don’t remember if she experienced that I couldn’t cook and thought: ‘I’m going to help this girl,'” St. Vincent (born Annie Clark) recalled. “I’m not really sure how it came about, but she brought me home and she taught me how to do the thing.”

It was definitely a very sweet gesture, but when Clark tried to recreate the delicious meal on her own it was not great. At all. Flash forward a couple months and the singer is at her Laurel Canyon studio and she decided to have a few friends over to re-create the meal Taylor taught her.

“And my friends still mock me for it, to this day. I served them basically being raw, crusty cauliflower and hockey puck steaks,” she laughed. “And these are people who one, they’re in the hospitality industry, they know how to cook. They know how to eat. You know, just people who know how to [be] like ‘here, come over’ and there’s candles lit and there’s all the things that make an experience wonderful. I didn’t do any of that s–t and I made them terrible food. They still mock me for it to this day.”

Instead of mocking her that night, they just drank and pushed their food around on their plates, but Annie learned a year later that they had been mocking her all along and now they can laugh about it. “So maybe you need to do a residency in Taylor Swift’s house… or maybe she’s s–t at teaching someone how to cook!” Ware joked.

Listen to the podcast below, in which St. Vincent talks about her worst haircut, her “depression era” meals as a child and the dirty truth behind “Big Kale.”

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