Taylor Swift Singles Out Her Favorite Moment From Her ‘Lover’ Music Video

2019-08-26T08:31:10+00:00August 26th, 2019|News|

Taylor Swift’s “Lover” video is full of surreal vignettes, but one segment — co-starring dancer and artist Christian Owens — has risen to the top as her favorite.

“I think the fishbowl scene is my favorite metaphor in the Lover video,” she wrote on social media Saturday (Aug. 24). “And guys.. I’ve performed on stage with Christian Owens for years. He’s unbelievably talented and it was so amazing to have him in the Lover music video!”

Meanwhile, on her Tumblr page, Swift confirmed a fan theory that the house in her “Lover” video is made up of rooms representing each of her seven studio albums, from her self-titled release through Lover.

One fan went on to theorize that the fishbowl scene is a metaphor for “when her fame spiked and her life became a fishbowl of voyeurs and any lover she had entered the fishbowl alongside her,” and Swift commented on the Tumblr thread with emojis of a chick hatching out of an egg — referencing the entertaining Easter egg hunt that’s been a foundation to the album’s rollout.

Watch the complete music video for Swift’s “Lover” below.

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