Summer O’Clock By Annika Bellamy

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Released just a couple weeks ago, “Summer O’Clock” is already getting radio airplay, & DJ’s are spinning it in clubs as far away as the famous New Lex in Tokyo, Japan.

Live in the moment crazy and care free – it’s Summer O’Clock 7 days a week” is really how I felt writing this, and how I hope people feel listening to it!”

Working with Sony writer & 3x
Grammy nominated producer Bruce
“Automatic” Vanderveer & his wife
Sony writer Ebony Vanderveer was
easy, comfortable & inspiring. We just
jelled right away. They really
understood my writing and feel for the
song and brought out the best in me.
Bruce composed exactly the right
music for my type of lyrics & melodies,” said Annika while talking about writing & recording “Summer O’Clock”.

Born and raised in Las Vegas, NV, Annika is your all American SoCal girl who loves her Dutch/Indonesian and European Spanish roots. Annika has been creating, writing and singing music for as long as she can remember. Now living in Southern California Annika loves creating and recording music that inspires others.

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