Selena Gomez Spills on Why She Hopped on Trevor Daniel’s ‘Past Life’ Remix

2020-06-26T13:20:08+00:00June 26th, 2020|News|

If you just can’t wait until Friday (June 26) to hear Selena Gomez’s collab with Trevor Daniel on a remix of his song “Past Life,” check out a short Q&A session the pair posted on Thursday (June 25). In the 30-second socially distanced chat, the “Falling” star opens by telling Gomez how much he loves her take on the track, thanking her for blessing the remix.

“When I heard the song the first time, I loved the fact that it was kind of like a story about all the things that we tend to hold onto and the patterns that we have,” Gomez says when asked what “Past Life” means to her. “And I’m very, very vocal about my personal experiences making decisions that aren’t necessarily healthy for me.”

For a song that’s so serious, Gomez says the melancholy R&B track from Daniel’s debut album, Nicotine, is also very beautiful. The unlikely collab came after Daniel posted a mirror selfie wearing Gomez’s merch on June 20, and she reposted it on her Instagram story, leading fans to speculate that it meant the two had a song in the works.

Previously, blackbear and Summer Walker hopped on remixes for Daniel’s TikTok-fueled hit “Falling.”

Watch Gomez describe her feelings about the song below.

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