Seeb & Bastille’s ‘Grip’ Video Captures Youth’s Reckless Abandon: Watch

2019-01-26T11:08:44+00:00January 26th, 2019|News|

When you’re a teenager, you feel both incredibly doomed and utterly invincible. Your world is a rough jungle of emotions, your path constantly pushing you in a million directions. Some of your choices are destructive, some are empowering, and most everything you do chases a sense of personal freedom. You never think the bad decisions will catch up with you — until they suddenly do.

In the music video for Seeb and Bastille’s “Grip,” we watch as one young man struggles to find himself while escaping the pains of life with his friends. He’s lured to late-night fun, but will he make it out of the party with his dignity intact?

“We’re really excited to share the music video to ‘Grip,'” Seeb is quoted in a press release. “It’s been a blast working on this song with Bastille, and it makes us so happy to see how both our own fans and Bastille’s fans have embraced the song.”

“Seeb turned our big, messy guitar song into something new and completely different,” Bastille frontman Dan Smith continues, “but it still feels wholly in keeping with the escapist theme of the song: the euphoria and horrors of a late, late night. ”

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