See What Song Hit Ruel ‘Right in the Feels’ in a Playlist of the Rising Star’s Current Favorite Songs

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Last month, Ruel delivered Free Time, a seven-track EP that further flexes the heartfelt, vibey pop the Australian singer-songwriter introduced with his first single “Don’t Tell Me” in 2017. When he’s not performing the new songs on his headlining tour this fall, Ruel — who is still in his teens — has discovered tunes from some of his fellow rising stars in his free time. And now, he wants to share them with fans.

Ruel put together a 10-song playlist he aptly titled “Songs I Love at the Moment,” which features songs from Clairo, Ryan Beatty, Serpentwithfeet and Col3trane. He also gave pop-rap stars Brockhampton a double shout-out with a track from their latest LP Ginger (“Victor Roberts”) as well as “Team” from the group’s 2017 album Saturation III.

But there’s one song on Ruel’s playlist that struck him harder than others, hitting the singer “right in the feels.” What song was that? We’ll let Ruel tell you.

Check out Ruel’s current favorite songs in the playlist below, as well as some comments from the artist himself. And when you’re done listening, click here to get tickets to see Ruel in a city near you.

Clairo, “Bags”: I love how honest and open her lyrics are. Her voice is really soothing.

Brockhampton, “Team”: This track is so unique sonically. I love the beat switch exactly halfway through the song to a completely different vibe.

Labrinth, “All For Us”: The show he wrote this song for Euphoria was so incredible and hearing this song at the end of the very last episode hit me right in the feels.

Ryan Beatty, “Haircut”: I love Ryan’s voice so much on this track, it almost feels like there are no effects, super raw and hasn’t been touched at all.

Willow, “Overthinking It”: Kind of the opposite to the previous track, the effects on Willow’s voice that come in later throughout the song really add a lot to the track because she can really let loose and scream and it still sounds really great.

SlowThai, “Dead Leaves”: Sheeesh — this beat is crazy, every time I hear it, I instantly want to stand up and jump around.

Brockhamption, “Victor Roberts”: Thought this was such an amazing way to close their recent album Ginger. The majority of the song is this guy called Victor Roberts rapping about his life story, and his delivery is so honest and beautiful.

Steve Lacy, “Love 2 Fast”: I don’t even know what to say about it. I just really love this song. Maybe because it’s really soothing but kinda goes hard at the same time.

Col3trane, “Penelope”: I reckon this guy is the English Frank Ocean, this song has so many different parts and vibes in the 4 and a half minutes it runs for. Definitely influenced by Frank Ocean.

Serpentwithfeet, “Bless Ur Heart”: This guy’s voice is nothing like I have ever heard before, it is so soft and his runs are just out of this world.

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