Rita Ora Finally Shows Off Her Giant Wedding Ring on ‘Tonight Show’: ‘I Really Knew I Wanted to be With This Person’

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Rita Ora proudly showed off her wedding ring on The Tonight Show on Wednesday night (Feb. 1), finally sharing her joy, and the honking green stone, with the world and returning to perform her new single, “You Only Love Me.” Wearing a shimmery silver half shirt and matching miniskirt, the excitable singer exploded with joy when host Jimmy Fallon mentioned her recent nuptials to director/actor Taika Waititi.

“And because I love you so much, I’ve actually never shown anyone my ring,” she said. “It’s my first time showing my ring, because I love you and I feel like you’re part of our relationship, weirdly, because we watch you every night… is that creepy?” she asked as Fallon assured her that he was happy to be a distant third wheel in their love story.

The singer then flashed the stunning square-cut emerald ring to the camera, praising Waititi for doing a good job picking it out before revealing that the Jojo Rabbit director may have had just a little bit of help. “Well, I may have… hinted in the right direction,” she admitted. “You know, because I just think, like, when you know what you want, and I felt like I really knew that I wanted to be with this person. I just wanted it to feel really right, and so I may have taken him to the shop and I may have pointed out exactly what ring I wanted.”

The singer also stuck around for a performance of her new single “You Only Love Me,” which, appropriately, opened with her sitting at a long, flower-bedecked table, wearing a pale red wedding babydoll dress and matching veil and lacy fingerless gloves. Surrounded by six dancers in matching bodysuits, the performance was a kind of mini wedding ceremony, complete with bouquets getting tossed, rose petals on the ground and a scene-ending recorded message from her hubby saying, “This is how I am, this is how you are.”

Ora said her new album is due out later this year and hinted that it was inspired by the whirlwind past two years. “My life has changed so drastically,” she said. “And making a decision to really spend the rest of your life with someone is a kind of big decision. And so it got me writing again and I just really got inspired by love.”

Watch the interview and the performance below.

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