Rihanna’s ‘Anti’: Which Tracks Have Been Streamed and Sold the Most?

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Five years ago today, Rihanna’s Anti dropped (in somewhat memorably messy fashion) as her first album since 2012’s Unapologetic, and thus her first major release following the streaming boom of the mid-’10s.

Despite the issue-plague release, the album debuted to strong reception — a No. 1 peak on the Billboard 200 albums chart in its first full week, and some of her strongest reviews to date — and its reputation has only grown in the half-decade since. At the end of 2019, it finished towards the top of many lists of the best albums of the 2010s (including Billboard’s, where it finished No. 7), as its free-flowing nature, mostly bite-sized tracks and generally intense vibiness generally helped make it a perfect pop album for the streaming era, with nearly every song turning into some kind of fan favorite.

Undoubtedly you’ve continued to play your favorites from the set in the five years since — and probably the whole thing a number of times as well — but which cuts from it have been sold and streamed the most in its half-decade of existence? See Anti’s 16 tracks (including its three deluxe edition bonus cuts) ranked both ways below, according to numbers provided by MRC Data.


1. “Work” (1,334,838,000 streams)

2. “Needed Me” (1,081,351,000 streams)

3. “Love on the Brain” (792,957,000 streams)

4. “Kiss It Better” (360,881,000 streams)

5. “Sex With Me” (345,009,000 streams)

6. “Desperado” (243,571,000 streams)

7. “Yeah, I Said It” (177,397,000 streams)

8. “Same Ol’ Mistakes” (136,200,000 streams)

9. “Higher” (131,614,000 streams)

10 “Woo” (105,658,000 streams)

11. “Close to You” (92,274,000 streams)

12. “James Joint” (78,548,000 streams)

13. “Consideration” (77,645,000 streams)

14. “Never Ending” (64,545,000 streams)

15. “Pose” (53, 468,000 streams)

16. “Goodnight Gotham” (41,604,000 streams)


1. “Work” (1,906,000 sales)

2. “Love on the Brain” (1,222,000 sales)

3. “Needed Me” (1,212,000 sales)

4. “Sex With Me” (344,000 sales)

5. “Kiss It Better” (313,000 sales)

6. “Desperado” (192,000 sales)

7. “Consideration” (90,000 sales)

8. “Yeah, I Said It” (82,000 sales)

9. “Same Ol’ Mistakes” (66,000 sales)

10. “Higher” (57,000 sales)

11. “Close to You” (51,000 sales)

12. “Woo” (39,000 sales)

13. “Pose” (34,000 sales)

14. “Never Ending” (28,000 sales)

15. “James Joint” (15,000 sales)

16. “Goodnight Gotham” (14,000 sales)

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