Rihanna Voices Support For Sudanese Protesters: ‘They Have A Right To Speak Out And Demand Peace’

2019-07-02T08:25:36+00:00July 2nd, 2019|News|

As the crisis in Sudan continues and tens of thousands take to the streets today (June 30) to demand civilian rule, Rihanna is using her platform to express solidarity with the protesters.

The singer posted images from the protests to her Instagram, writing, “With more protests planned for today, June 30, I send my ❤️ and I pray for the safety of the Sudanese people. They have a right to speak out and demand peace, justice, and a transition to civilian rule. Over 100 were killed and hundreds more were wounded during the June 3rd protests. Military rulers need to be held accountable. Praying for no more killings or abuse today.”

“Fight for human rights in #Africa and stand with protesters in #Sudan,” she urged her followers.

It’s not the first time Rihanna has spoken out about human rights issues; she recently weighed in about America’s treatment of immigrants at the border, saying, “I think in any situation where something is as devastating as what’s happening in America right now with the immigrants, you have to be as loud as you can.”

Check out Rihanna’s full post below.

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