If the dance music community learned anything in 2018, it’s how important health and wellness really is. The suicide of 28-year-old producer Avicii sent shock waves through the industry and started a conversation that continues to shed light on the darker aspects of life on the road and making your living in such a demanding, nightlife-driven world.

Remedy State is a health and wellness retreat for dance music industry professionals. It aims to teach lifestyle practices attendees can incorporate to insure a healthier and more balanced life for years to come. After a successful launch in 2018, Remedy State announces its 2019 return, once again to be held at the beautiful Agroturismo Sa Talaia hotel in the Spanish Balearic Islands, Monday to Wednesday, May 20 to 22. It’s called Remedy State presents: ARETÉ, named for the Greek concept of “excellence through self-actualization.”

None of these concepts were new to long-time artist manager and International Music Summit Ben Turner, nor his friend and former OWSLA label manager Blaise DeAngelo. About 15 years apart in age, both see health and wellness as a key element to success in any industry, especially one as unrelenting as dance music.

“We love music and the arts and want to support those around it to become the best possible versions of themselves,” DeAngelo is quoted. “Being well is an important first step, and there’s still a lot of work to be done around wellness in the industry, but by expanding our focus around the ARETÉ concept, we believe we can help the industry not only heal, but excel.”

Remedy State is open to DJs, producers, managers, label heads and all industry professionals. Participants receive health and wellness diagnoses, attend talks and workshops, and take part in yoga and meditation classes, among other things. The programming is led by and designed for music industry professionals specifically.

“The impact of our first event on the electronic music industry was profound and its influence on the subsequent IMS Summit was huge,” Turner is quoted in a press release. “We touched a nerve and we wish to continue sharing our insight with a fascinating group of individuals who can transform your health and mind and in turn your business.”

Remedy State presents: ARETÉ will be held in the lead up to IMS’ 12th event. A limited number of badges and hotel accommodation packages are available. badges begin at €350, and hotel packages begin at €1,200. Prices will increase incrementally.

Visit Remedy State online for details and information. Watch the 2018 recap video below.