Psy and BTS’ Suga Are Dancing Cowboys in ‘That That’ Teaser

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Psy ropes BTS‘ Suga into his glittery cowboy universe in the 10-second teaser video for the K-pop superstars’ anticipated single “That That.” The song, due out on Friday (April 29), is the first single from the “Gangnam Style” singer’s upcoming album, PSY 9th, also out Friday.

In the clip, Psy and Suga are dressed in a series of flashy old West outfits as they perform some of the patented group dance choreo that Psy has made a staple of his visuals. In addition to pulling off moves on a dusty cowboy set, the pair pose inside a saloon and take a spin in a car as the song’s insistent, relentless beat pumps out behind them.

“That that, I like that/ That that, I like that baby/ It’s like that,” Psy sings on what is seemingly the song’s earworm chorus. Psy revealed earlier this week that Suga produced “That That,” though it was not previously clear that he would also appear in the video. Suga explained in an accompanying 30-second promo video that even he didn’t know he would end up pulling double-duty.

“To be honest, I haven’t gotten that close with anyone I collab with, it’s because I’m not usually the type to meet up with collaborators in person,” Suga explained. “But [Psy] he wanted to see me in person.” Psy added that at first they met because Suga wanted to produce his music, but then “he ended up featuring on the track.”

Suga, 29, said that after they met in person and went “back and forth a lot” as he produced the song, he still “seriously didn’t expect to be dancing with Psy.” But, Psy, 44, grinned, the BTS superstar ended up learning the “intense choreo… step-by-step” which led to him getting involved, “more and more deeply.”

Psy 9th is slated to also feature several other collaborations, including a cover of Jermaine Jackson and Pia Zadora‘s 1984 single “When the Rain Begins to Fall” with Hwa Sa of MAMAMOO, as well as “Happier” with k-pop singer/songwriter Crush.

Watch the “That That” teasers below.

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