Poppy Teases Collaborations With Diplo and Grimes

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Koury Angelo – Poppy

Internet sensation Poppy continues to reach new heights. The 23-year-old Massachusetts native has accumulated over 300 million views on her YouTube channel, and now has three studio albums under her belt.

The star spoke to NME about her upcoming album Am I A Girl? and the high-profile collaborations to be featured on the fresh batch of material. “There are some collaborations that I’m very excited about. I’m doing a song with Grimes and with Diplo as well. The songs are very, very different from each other but I’m very excited,” Poppy revealed, continuing to say, “Diplo brought his dance beats. I wanted to work with Diplo for a long time.”

The album’s lead single “In A Minute” was released last week (July 27), but Poppy is already eyeing the follow-up single. “The song that I have with Diplo is coming out next. It’s very futuristic sounding,” the singer says.

As for the collaboration with Grimes, Poppy says it came about as a result of her reaching out to the “Genesis” singer on social media. “She followed me on Twitter, then I sent her a message and said ‘hi, I like you. We should make a song together’. Then we made a couple of songs together actually. She’s really talented.”

The young star also spoke in depth about drawing inspiration from various musical influences, especially from her idol, Madonna. “She isn’t boring,” says Poppy, continuing to praise that “she seems to have paced herself in her career. She never just lets everybody in on everything she’s doing. It’s really important. If you want people to follow you for a long time you have to keep them coming back and wanting more.”

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