Olivia Rodrigo Debuts Her Dreamy ‘Sour Prom’ Concert Film

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For her latest release, Olivia Rodrigo goes to the prom, and every single one of us is her date.

Just before midnight, the teenage pop phenomenon debuted the Sour Prom concert film, which, as its title suggests, is a prom-themed journey through her hit debut album, Sour.

Rodrigo takes us on a trip that’s a little weird, a touch emotional, and rocks out at the end. Just like the real thing.

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From the start, our hero steps into a white limo, where she’s serenaded for a mashup of “Happier” and “Déjà vu.”

When she arrives at the party, she does the rounds of saying “hi” to her friends, then leads the dancefloor to performance of “Brutal,” which ends with her classmates circling her on a rather lonely dancefloor. Awkward.

There’s no dwelling as Rodrigo takes us into “Traitor,” and the many cuddles she receives from her many friends.

Next up, Rodrigo rocks with the band in a dizzying performance of “Jealously, Jealousy.”

As it wraps, Rodrigo gets out of Dodge and finds herself in a darkroom, where she inspects drying photos and finds an acoustic guitar. It’s a good thing, and it’s all she needs to perform “Enough For You.”

It’s then time to move on. Rodrigo dons a jacket, collects a mic and hits “Drivers License,” her breakthrough hit, as her classmates join in with handclaps. If you’re not tearing up by now, you will be when Rodrigo finds her seat at a grand piano.

Sour Prom reaches its dramatic conclusion Rodrigo leading a marching band for good-time version of “Good 4 U,” her current global smash.

Watch below.

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