Olivia Rodrigo Can’t Believe Her ‘Idols’ Taylor Swift & Lorde Have ‘Become My Peers So Quickly’

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How about this for an 18th birthday? Olivia Rodrigo’s “biggest celebrity crush” Pete Davidson compared her to her biggest “idol” Taylor Swift during a Saturday Night Live sketch entirely about her breakout debut single “Drivers License,” which has been the biggest song in the world for seven weeks straight.

“I was absolutely floored, I was screaming. I think being made fun of and parodied on SNL is the biggest compliment in the whole world,” she told Radio.com in a new interview on Tuesday (March 2). “So that was so surreal.”

But the line Davidson draws between Rodrigo and Swift is pretty solid. Following Swift’s co-sign of “Drivers License,” Rodrigo said the pop superstar penned her a letter based on the teen singer’s favorite lyrics from “long story short” on Swift’s most recent Billboard 200 No. 1 album evermore: “Past me/ I wanna tell you not to get lost in these petty things/ Your nemeses/ Will defeat themselves before you get the chance to swing.”

“So she wrote about that a little bit in her letter,” Rodrigo elaborated about the heartfelt note. “She was like, ‘I think we make our own luck and I think when you’re kind to people and do what’s right, it always comes back to you in the best ways.'”

The High School Musical: The Musical: The Series breakout star has been experiencing a lot of positive things coming back to her in the best way, including more sweet messages from two of her favorite artists, Lorde and Phoebe Bridgers.

“Lorde doesn’t have social media, but Lorde’s sister reached out to me and was like, ‘My sister and I love the song,’ and I was like, ‘Oh my God, That’s crazy!'” she exclaimed. “Phoebe Bridgers… commented ‘happy birthday’ [on my] post on my Instagram, so that was cool. It’s just so surreal to have my idols become my peers so quickly. It’s just insane.”

Watch her entire Radio.com interview below.

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