Olivia O’Brien Shows Music Fans How She Enjoys #FrostyTime

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Wendy’s® is giving Frosty® fans a new way to cool off this summer with a limited-edition strawberry flavor. To celebrate the new Strawberry Frosty release, Wendy’s created a new hashtag, #FrostyTime, dedicated to the 15 minutes it takes to eat the signature dessert. This time gives us all a much-needed opportunity to fully indulge in self-care. It is important to actively carve out time to take care of and treat yourself.

Billboard and Wendy’s tapped pop star Olivia O’Brien to kick off the hashtag challenge by playing a game of Would You Rather on Billboard’s Instagram Story. O’Brien first gained mainstream success after the massive debut of her collaborative track, “i hate u, i love u” with Gnash. The single peaked at No. 10 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart and helped O’Brien reach international stardom. Since then, she’s accumulated millions of streams and performed sold-out shows across the world. The singer/songwriter answered three #FrostyTime themed questions about what she likes to do while enjoying the sweet strawberry treat.

O’Brien is always creating content and showing fans her personality on social media. When asked if she would rather make a TikTok or scroll through her For You page during #FrostyTime, O’Brien told Billboard, “Personally I’d rather be watching them… making TikToks is hard and people don’t realize.”

Being on the road is a big part of O’Brien’s life as an artist, so we asked Olivia for her take on if she’d rather do #FrostyTime in New York or Los Angeles. Before serenading fans, the California native said she would rather enjoy a Strawberry Frosty in sunny Los Angeles.

Music fans are drawn to O’Brien’s songs because she’s known for being open about the ups and downs of romantic relationships. She uses her music as an outlet to be unapologetically honest about what she’s going through. When asked if she would rather enjoy #FrostyTime with a friend or a romantic partner, O’Brien said, “I’m very single, so I’d rather enjoy a Frosty with a friend!” For more on O’Brien, check out Billboard’s Instagram Reels to see her other #FrostyTime lifestyle moments.

Now that we know how O’Brien does #FrostyTime, it’s your turn. Head over to Wendy’s to pick up a Strawberry Frosty, and show us how you do Frosty Time with Billboard’s exclusive strawberry-themed Instagram filter.

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