OK Go Honor Frontline Workers With Quarantine Anthem ‘All Together Now’

2020-05-13T16:27:20+00:00May 13th, 2020|News|

OK Go shared the music video for their new song “All Together Now” on Wednesday (May 13), inspired by the nightly celebration of frontline workers battling the coronavirus pandemic.

Written and recorded by the band as they shelter in place at their homes in Los Angeles, the track touches on the universal reach of the outbreak on each person’s life around the globe and the unprecedented uncertainty of life these past few months.

“All the colors we painted yesterday, they look so different now/ And all those harmonies we sang yesterday all sound so different somehow/ Though they’re all still the same/ Everything’s untouched but forever changed/ Everywhere on Earth, every single soul/ Everyone there is, all together now/ And everyone alone, all together on the precipice/ All that mattered then, all that matters then/ All that matters after the world shuts down/ All of it dissolved all together in the chrysalis, together in the chrysalis,” frontman Damian Kulash croons over a toy piano, handclaps and vocal harmonies.

Eschewing the typically quirky, high-concept video style the band has become famous for over the past decade with fan-favorite tracks like “Here It Goes Again” and “I Won’t Let You Down,” the new one-off single marks OK Go’s first release since 2017’s “Interesting Drug.”

Proceeds from the song will be donated by the band to nonprofit organization Partners in Health to bring healthcare access to at-risk populations who can’t afford it.

Kulash also revealed his family’s battle with coronavirus in a candid letter. “I caught the coronavirus early, when there were only six known cases in California, all of them hundreds of miles from L.A., where I live. My symptoms lasted forever, but were only genuinely scary for a day and a half,” he wrote. “My wife Kristin’s battle was tougher, though. She was only briefly at the hospital, but bedridden with breathing problems for a long stretch. As she convalesced, I struggled to keep up with our two-year-old twins, and there were times when her breathing was so labored I worried she just wouldn’t wake up.We’re extremely lucky. She made a full recovery, and though the kids did have symptoms, they never got much worse than a nasty cold. My heart aches for those who haven’t had the same luck, who are suffering unimaginable loss and hardship, whether from the virus or the havoc it’s wrought on the world.”

Read Kulash’s full letter here, and check out the video for “All Together Now” below.

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