Of Course Seth Rogen Smoked ‘A Ton of Weed’ Before Attending Adele TV Taping

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“The whole time I’m like, ‘Just try to look cool,'” Rogen told Jimmy Fallon about his unexpected prime time head trip.

The first part of this story will probably not surprise you: Seth Rogen, noted cannabis enthusiast, was super stoned while attending the taping for Adele‘s recent two-hour TV special, Adele One Night Only. But here’s the thing, in this one case he swears it was totally an accidental prime-time sativa slip-up.

“We smoked a ton of weed… We pull up and we see cranes, camera cranes, there’s drones flying around, there’s an entire crew there, and I’m like, ‘Oh no, we are at the filming of a television special I think. We’re on a television show,’” Rogen told Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon about his paranoid reaction to the massive set up at Los Angeles’ iconic Griffith Observatory on Wednesday night’s (Dec. 1) show. “And I’m like, ‘Maybe it’s not that big a television special,’ and then the first person I see is Oprah Winfrey.”

Rogen said not only was he typically toasted at the event hosted by O, but somehow he and his wife Lauren Miller were seated in the very front row. “I was there. I was in the front row of the Adele concert. And that is as surprising to me as anyone. Because I had no idea I was attending the taping of an Adele television special at all,” he recalled of the invitation to a what he vaguely remembered as a “small” show.

Well, obviously that wasn’t the case, since seated all around the roasted Rogen party were fellow A-listers, including Lizzo, Melissa McCarthy, Drake, Tyler Perry, Gayle King, James Corden, Selena Gomez, Donald Glover and many more. “And then me and my wife were like, ‘Well maybe we can just kind of like slink into the background,’” Rogen said. “Like, we’ll just sit in the back, it’s fine, we’re not equipped mentally to deal with doing this right now really.”

But when they went to will call for their tickets, they read “1A and 1B.” Zoinks. “‘Oh no! That sounds close!” Rogen recalled thinking. “We’re as close as you can fathomably be. I sit down there’s a camera literally pointed at my face,” he added, noting that he absolutely does not know Adele and then pleadingly questioning, “why did you do that?”

The whole time, Rogen said, he was just thinking about the way more famous people around him who should have had the couple’s killer seats, like fellow Canadian Drizzy, for instance. “And I could just feel them be insulted that I had such a good seat,” he laughed. “I was in front of Drake. There is no world where I should be in front of Drake! How is that possible? And I could just feel Drake’s eyes drilling into the back of my head like, ‘Why am I in 3R and he’s in 1A?’ I was six rows in front of like Ellen DeGeneres and Kris Jenner! I truly have no idea why they did that.”

When Fallon asked what Rogen did when the camera swung his way, the Santa Inc. star revealed that he did what every stoner does when they’re put on the spot: he just tried to maintain, man. “The whole time I’m like, ‘Just try to look cool.’ Which is not a healthy thought to have,” Rogen said. “It was hard for me to look cool. I’m uncomfortable, I’m too close. I feel like Leonardo DiCaprio behind me thinking like, ‘Did Seth Rogen write ‘Rolling in the Deep?’ Is that why he’s so close?’”

He did enjoy the show, though, but after Fallon rolled a montage of Rogen showing his geeked enthusiasm during the gig, the ganja guru remembered thinking, “‘Are we standing after every song?’”

Watch the interview below.

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