Nicki Minaj dropped a music video for “Good Form” on Thursday (Nov. 29), tagging frequent collaborator Lil Wayne for the remixed version of the Queen track. Amid the blatantly apparent underlying theme, Minaj seductively dances in a milky bath with an enormous sugar cookie — complete with, of course, pink icing and rainbow sprinkles — hanging in the background.

Minaj’s utilization of a tasty treat in her video is just the latest notable role that a dessert has played in some of the most memorable music clips over the years. Katy Perry and Fergie have taken to the theme, and even Bella Thorne recently got in on the action, covering herself in whipped cream for a particularly provocative moment.

Nicki Minaj

The outro of the song boasts several notable cameos (i.e., Tyga), but they’re quickly forgettable, given the rest of the clip.

Bella Thorne

Technically this isn’t a full song, but it certainly fits the bill of an artist using sweet treats in a music video. Bella Thorne set Instagram ablaze Thursday (Nov. 29) after finally releasing a long-teased clip that promotes her new cosmetics line. The whipped cream cans run aplenty in the video that comes from her forthcoming song “I’m a Hoe 2.”

Katy Perry

Just watching the music video for “California Girls” might give you a sweets-induced stomachache. Perry appears to be a character in the loosely-based Candyland-themed board game, with collaborator Snoop Dogg hanging out in his own dessert-laced wonderland. Candy-based clothing runs amuck, as Snoop sports an incredible three-piece suit littered with cupcakes.


Like Minaj, Kelis isn’t actually talking about milkshakes in the biggest hit of her career (“Milkshake” peaked at No. 3 on the Hot 100). Regardless, the music video for the track features an (un)healthy dosage of the frothy beverage from start to finish. Near the end of the video, the machine actually just starts overflowing uncontrollably — good luck to whoever is cleaning that up.


“Fergalicious” takes more of a Willy Wonka approach, with the opening moments of the video welcoming the viewer to Fergieland. Between enormous candy canes planted in the ground, huge lollipops and pools full of candy, Fergie shows that she can have her cake and eat it too with this memorable music video.

Harry Styles

So, Harry Styles’ music video for “Kiwi” feels a little bit different than the rest of the list, but this food fight is undeniably phenomenal. The mountain of desserts looks delicious, the fashion game is absolutely on point and there are tons of adorable dogs at the end of the clip. What more could you want?