Nathy Peluso Talks Her Coachella Debut & Her Dream of Collaborating With Miley Cyrus

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Leading up to her Coachella performance this weekend, Nathy Peluso spoke with Billboard about what she’d be bringing to the festival, which pop star she’d love to collaborate with and more.

“I’m bringing something fresh,” the Argentine artist can be heard saying in the video above, speaking of her first time taking the stage at the California festival, during its second weekend of 2022. “I’ve been working a lot on this show. It’s important to me to share the music. I did the arrangements with my band; we really want to share the good music with the people. I worked a lot to be here. So I’m like, ‘Yes, now I’m here,’ — so focus and try to enjoy all [of] the experience.”

For those in the audience who are new to Peluso’s music, even she can’t quite categorize her eclectic sound.

She recalled to Billboard recently being asked, “What music do you do?”

“And I was, like, ‘I don’t know,’” Peluso, whose Calambre album was released in 2020, said with a laugh. “‘Cause I’m changing all the time. Sometimes I do salsa, hip-hop, the ’80s. I’m romantic and I need to sing boleros. The way to work with the music, for me, is with freedom. It’s more interesting to the public to have different sounds in only one show.”

“It’s myself, my way of being. I really try to be genuine. Everything I do, I try to do with realness,” she said of her style.

“Sometimes I talk with people who don’t speak Spanish and they say, ‘I don’t understand a word, but I feel you.’ That’s the most important thing for me, ’cause the world is so, so big. I prefer to share something more than words. I really want to provoke something. I don’t know what. Maybe you hate it, maybe you’re crying, maybe you’re in love,” she said in the interview.

When the conversation turned to dream collaborators, Peluso didn’t even have to think about her answer: Miley Cyrus.

“I would love to collaborate with Miley Cyrus,” she gushed. “I really love her. She’s like the biggest star in our present, I think, in the music and in the arts. She’s completely amazing and I would love to meet her, to share my vision of music with her. She’s an artist of the moment.”

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