Muna & Phoebe Bridges Celebrate a Classic Queer Film With Colorful New ‘Silk Chiffon’ Video

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When it came time for them to create a music video to their new queer love song, indie-pop band Muna decided to pay homage to a cult classic in queer cinema.

On Tuesday (Sept. 7), Muna released their newest single “Silk Chiffon,” featuring their new label-owner Phoebe Bridgers. Described by guitarist Naomi McPherson in a statement as “a song for kids to have their first gay kiss to,” “Silk Chiffon” features the trio and Bridgers singing about queer romance and sex, with the song’s chorus declaring “Silk chiffon/ That’s how it feels, oh, when she’s on me.”

Alongside the song, the band also unveiled its new video for the track, which takes direct inspiration from the 1999 satiric rom-com But I’m a Cheerleader. In the video, lead singer Katie Gavin, dressed in her best high school cheerleading outfit and playing Natasha Lyonne’s titular character, arrives outside of a color-coded conversion therapy camp. She’s greeted by a pink-haired Bridgers, playing one of the camp’s leaders, and her fellow bandmates, Naomi McPherson and Josette Maskin, each shaking their heads, warning her not to enter.

The rest of the video plays out as a loving tribute to the film, with the trio going through the motions and playing the part of converts during the day. But at night, when Bridgers’ cheery-faced counselor isn’t watching, the girls sneak out and head to the nearest gay bar, where they perform a show and live their lives the way they want. “Life’s so fun, life’s so fun/ Don’t need to worry about no one,” they sing on the song’s flirtatious pre-chorus. “She said that I got her if I want/ She’s so soft like silk chiffon.”

“Silk Chiffon” is the first solo release from Muna since the trio signed to Bridgers’ Saddest Factory Records, an imprint of Dead Oceans. The band became the second act to sign to Bridgers’ label in May, following indie singer-songwriter Claud’s signing in October 2020. “We look forward to this lifelong partnership and Phoebe raising our first born children, as was included in the contract,” the band said in a cheeky statement released with the news of their signing. “This will be the last time we speak publicly as we will be giving her our voices in a cursed golden locket (with the exception of our bi-monthly contribution to the Podcast Industrial Complex). And maybe some music.”

Check out Muna’s new video for “Silk Chiffon,” featuring Phoebe Bridgers, below:

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