Miley Cyrus Jokes About Being Furious With Elon Musk For Blowing Up Her ‘Hannah Montana’ Spot

2021-06-16T09:23:39+00:00June 16th, 2021|News|

Miley Cyrus thought she and Elon Musk were pals. After all, the duo appeared on Saturday Night Live together in May, but on Monday night (June 14) Miley tweeted out her anger at the SpaceX/Tesla billionaire for blowing up her Hannah Montana spot.

Of course she was kidding — we all know Hannah’s true identity — but Musk drew Cyrus’ fake ire earlier in the day when he revealed her not-so-secret identity in a tweet in which he took a swipe at the Anonymous international hacking collective by posting a Montana-based meme.

“Hannah Montana is actually Miley Cyrus,” Musk tweeted along with a shadowy image of a person dressed in the Guy Fawkes mask that has become a de facto image for the mysterious hacking group. “What the f— @elonmusk ?!?!,” Miley tweeted in mock outrage. “I told you that in confidence! You can build a rocket but can’t keep a damn secret?!?!”

Musk got it, responding to the many comments on the original tweet and the Cyrus response with another slap at Anonymous — who threatened Musk over the weekend for what they said was his undue influence on cryptocurrency markets via his social media posts — writing, “133T H4X0R got my phone. Nuthin I could do. Sorry babe.” For the record, “133T H4X0R” is geek speak for a gamer who is good at hacking games to get the upper hand.

It’s not the first time the pair have exchanged goofy tweets and clearly their followers love it, as the back-and-forth had racked up nearly 143,000 likes at press time.

Check out the exchange below.

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