Miley Cyrus’ ‘Golden G String’ Is ‘Reflective of Donald Trump as President’

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Miley Cyrus is just days away from unveiling her highly anticipated Plastic Hearts album, and while chatting with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe on Monday (Nov. 23), the singer opened up about the variety of inspirations behind the album.

“Golden G String,” she shared, was written in “2017 or 2018” and “is reflective of Donald Trump as president and the men hold all the cards — and they ain’t playing gin, and they determine your fate.”

“This song, which is also about kind of the cross I’ve had to bear, in a way, of saying, ‘I feel like everything that I’ve done has just been up for all the opinions and I guess people being offended and all this sh-t,’ she continued. “But it’s like our president grabs women by the, and you’re mad at me. I’m a pop star. I’m supposed to do these things. I’m supposed to do things that sometimes make you uncomfortable or you take offense. That’s kind of my job, that’s entertainment. I don’t want that in a leader. I consider myself a leader, but I would say that actually is creating the country that we’re going to live in. You don’t want an entertainer. I have no desire to be president because I have only a desire to create art and to be an artist. And I want to do what I do. And I think that there’s an idea that I’ve focused on of mastery, of finding the thing that you love and becoming the best at it. You can’t be everything.”

For Miley, one person who “has it all” is her godmother Dolly Parton. “That to me is just an ultimate icon because she’s never lied, her songs are the truth,” Cyrus explained. “Even if they don’t resonate with her now, maybe she’s attached from something she’s written before.That’st happens when you have a career that’s as expanded as hers. But she just found this balance of being… She is a superhero. She almost has a character, but it’s true.”

“And that’s the one thing that I thought me, Andrew Watt, Andrew Wyatt, Mark Ronson, we really found on this album, is that Dolly Parton, I’ve inherited this songwriting,” she continued. “I grew up listening to Johnny Cash. I grew up listening to Joan Jett. And I have that in me, but I’ve also grown up listening to Gwen Stefani who really did that best. She got to just have the best of both worlds and not be ashamed of anything. She really did. And how to find that merge. How to be everything. How to be the melting pot of everything that I’ve ever loved and not be ashamed of that, of some of my guilty pleasures of music that have inspired me. And how to make it my own.”

Plastic Hearts is out Nov. 27. Watch the full interview below.

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