Martin Garrix Takes Fans Behind the Scenes of His Massive ADE Week 2018: Watch

2018-11-27T08:48:02+00:00November 27th, 2018|News|

Remember that old MTV show Making the Video? It was cool going behind the scenes, seeing what it takes to bring storylines to life around your favorite pop stars, but that show really glossed over what might be the hardest and most pain-staking part of the video process: post-production.

All those edits and after-effects don’t make themselves, and Martin Garrix really tested his team when he set out to release one music video a day in the lead-up to his BYLAW EP. It was a huge rollout process that climaxed with his annual back-to-back performances during the Amsterdam Dance Event. His team was hard at work night and day for a week putting things together, rushing to meet deadlines and smiling all the way. We know they kind of loved it, because they said so in the latest episode of Garrix’s vlog series The Martin Garrix Show.

Of course, Garrix doesn’t leave us hanging. There’s plenty of excitement in the lead-up to the concerts. “This is fucking ridiculous,” he says while watching the laser-light rehearsal. “I thought last year was the absolute ultimate best we could do, and then this happens.”

It’s a fun watch, but it’s so real, you might even feel a little tired when it’s over. You’ll also feel the elation that comes with pulling off the impossible.

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