Martin Garrix Goes Behind the Scenes With Armani Exchange in New Vlog: Watch

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Courtesy Photo – The Martin Garrix Show: S3.E5 Armani

Martin Garrix is just like you. He loves pizza, and when he eats it, he sometimes gets a little sauce on his shoes — it’s just that his shoes are fresh from Armani Exchange, and he’s wearing them because he’s an official spokesmodel for the Italian international men’s wear brand.

We get a behind-the-scenes look at Garrix’ duties as an Aramani Exchange model in the latest episode of his YouTube vlog series, The Martin Garrix Show. It all looks like fun and games, but it actually takes a lot of strength. Garrix has an insane schedule, one that only hits reality when you hear him rattle off tour dates. Vietnam one day, Norway the next, then Amsterdam for two days, here Italy, and back to Hong Kong in a few hours. Of course, he had to wake up quite early to do the shoot in the first place. Being a professional DJ, producer, model and entertainer is harder than it looks.

Garrix still makes it look quite fun, though, even if he is a little tired. He brings his mom, his girlfriend and his childhood friends with him on the next leg of tour gigs. It’s his birthday, and we watch him celebrate with those closest to his heart. These are the moments that make the hard work worth it.

Watch the new vlog below.

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