Martin Garrix and Mike Yung Detail the Magic Behind ‘Dreamer’: Watch

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When Martin Garrix first heard Mike Yung’s voice, it was over Instagram. The Philadelphia man was doing his thing, singing in the subway station of his city, earning his pay with a booing, soulful howl. Garrix got goosebumps watching the clip, just like the audiences of America’s Got Talent did when the 58-year-old singer serenaded the show in 2017.

He’s had some viral videos, but “Dreamer” with Garrix (which was released Nov. 1) is Yung’s first big step toward an international hit. It’s an uplifting ballad about never giving up, believing in yourself and your hopes until there’s nothing left and then some, and it’s a message Yung lives to the fullest in the latest episode of Garrix’ vlog The Martin Garrix Show. If Yung had ever faltered in his love of music, he wouldn’t have wound up in Amsterdam writing songs with Garrix as they floated along the city’s famous canals.

We get to see the full story of “Dreamer” in the video below. It’s heartwarming to see the two musical minds merge and find common ground. Yung’s spirit is contagious, and Garrix is affable as ever. They get a full-on gospel choir on the track. The whole process is pretty damn hype.

Watch the vlog and listen to “Dreamer” below.

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