Marshmello Explains How to Play Him In Fortnite & More in Undercover Fan Q&A: Watch

2018-09-21T11:18:11+00:00September 21st, 2018|News|

Courtesy of GQ – Marshmello in a video for GQ.

The internet is full of rhetorical questions, but what if the artists you @’d actually got back to you? Marshmello hooked up with GQ and answered a bunch of fan-sourced questions under various monikers across social media platforms.

How does Marshmello DJ without headphones? He’s got in-ear monitors under that candy skull. He’s bringing back Mellogang Appreciation Fridays. He would totally love to work with Post Malone so you can call him Marshmalone, and he is down to play Fortnite with you and Ninja if you just add him on epic games @itsmemarshmello.

He uses Ableton exclusively, it took him four hours to write “Alone,” and really, you should just watch the video below to learn more. It’s full of fun tidbits. Enjoy.

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