Mark Ronson Talks Writing Note to Drake, Puking After DJing Tom Cruise’s Wedding on ‘Watch What Happens Live’: Watch

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Mark Ronson has been around famous musicians and actors for most of his life. Growing up in the limelight, he doesn’t really get star-struck, but that doesn’t mean the 43-year-old British-American DJ doesn’t sometimes lose his lunch around A-listers. Case in point: On Thursday night’s episode of Watch What Happens Live, Ronson told host Andy Cohen that he lost his lunch all over the Italian castle that Mission: Impossible superstar Tom Cruise rented for his star-studded wedding to Katie Holmes in 2006.

“I got really drunk,” Ronson said, “and something about when I’m DJing, I don’t realize I’m drunk so I keep drinking and then the minute the music stopped I started spinning. So I threw up all over the castle. I got outside the castle but it was like, we got in the car for three minutes. It was in the Italian countryside. It was very disrespectful. I’m sorry, Tom.” Before that, though, it was great, because he was mixing in some Top Gun songs into his set and Cruise was giving him the “finger guns.”

But the thing Cohen — and let’s face it, all of us — really wanted to know was if the reaction to the intense chemistry between Lady Gaga and A Star Is Born star/director Bradley Cooper at the 2019 Oscars surprised him. “They’re both such great actors and performers, and they really did perform that song so well together. I thought it was one of the great performances. I know that song and I was still kind of moved by it,” he said of the duo’s unmistakable chemistry on the Oscar-winning song “Shallow.” “It was really great.”

Ronson, whose solo album Late Night Feelings, featuring Camilla Cabello, Miley Cyrus, Lykke Li and Yebba, is due out on June 26 via RCA Records, also talked about the time he sent a handwritten note to Drake in “gold pen on black paper” asking him to collaborate only to get shut down. “He seemed like the kind of guy who would appreciate a handwritten letter but maybe it was coming on too strong,” he said.

Oh, also, during “Spill the Music IndusTea!” segment, Ronson admitted he didn’t think “Shallow” was an Oscar slam-dunk and that he initially hesitated to play Beatles music at Sir Paul McCartney’s wedding, but when he did, the room went nuts.

Watch Ronson on Watch What Happens: Live below.

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