Marina Advocates for Human Rights in New Video for ‘To Be Human’: Watch

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Pop singer Marina Diamandis has never been quiet about issues that are important to her, like LGBTQ rights, the Black Lives Matter movement and more. In her latest video, she takes a closer look at those issues and asks — why are we fighting?

On Monday (April 8), Marina released her new video for “To Be Human,” which chronicles various protests for social causes throughout history, drawing comparisons between modern liberation movements and protests throughout history. “There were riots in America/ Just when things were getting better/ All the things I’ve done and seen/ Still I don’t know what life means,” she sings on the track.

The video starts using historically dark imagery, including the atomic bomb being dropped on Hiroshima, footage from the Vietnam war, police brutality and more. But as the video progresses, the use of footage transitions, showing more and more instances of civil protest, including LGBTQ rights marches, feminist protests and more.

After releasing the powerful new video, Marina took to Twitter, retweeting messages from fans thanking her for using her music video for good. “As an LGBT girl myself, can I just say how beautifully heartwarming to see an artist you admire promoting equal rights on her platform?” one fan tweeted. “These images made me so emotional, I’m not just crying, I’m bawling.”

In a recent interview with Billboard about her upcoming album Love + Fear (the first half of which was released last week), Marina revealed that she sees “To Be Human” as her “most political song” to date, saying she wanted to create something that commented on the state of our world. “I think all of us [can’t] afford not to be engaged in that,” she said. “We all need to be challenged in different ways, and if no one presents different ideas to us, how are we meant to grow and learn?”

Check out Marina’s new video for “To Be Human” below:

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