Mariah Carey posted a video of her second COVID-19 shot on Tuesday night (May 4), assuring viewers that she was actually getting the jab by pointing out how terrible the lighting was in the doctor’s office. Asked to choose a Band-Aid to cover the spot, MC, of course, went with the “festive” pink one as she steeled herself for the follow-up dose.

Sitting up ramrod straight on the paper-covered medical exam chair in grey leggings, a black t-shirt, black mask and face shield sunglasses, Mariah laughed, “Much has been made of the medical narrative that we have been having.” Admitting that she was “a little nervous” about getting a second jab, Carey said she was trying to be brave as she asked what kind of needle would be used this time around.

“Do we have a retractable needle today?” she joked as the medical technician assured her it was a regular needle after some apparent controversy over her first jab, during which she hit one of her signature high notes.

“We don’t care what they think,” Carey said, shaking off vaxx haters. “By the way, people were like, ‘oh, it’s the fake needle.'” Then, asking her videographer to pan up to the harsh fluorescent doctor’s office lighting above, she said, “Would I ever go into this lighting for no reason? No!”

She braved the shot and, of course, slipped in another whistle note just for good measure. Carey seemed happy to be doing her part to spread accurate information about the the currently available vaccines, which the CDC has said are the best bet we have to protect people from getting sick or severely ill from the novel coronavirus, which has killed more than 577,000 Americans to date and infected close to 33 million.

Check it out below.