Maren Morris Reflects on Joni Mitchell & Brandi Carlile’s Newport Festival Performance: ‘It Was Just So Beautiful’

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Maren Morris stopped by Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen on Wednesday (Aug. 3) for some conversation about witnessing Brandi Carlile and Joni Mitchell‘s friendship moments at July”s Newport Festival, which later resulted in the country singer feeling overcome with emotion when remembering Wynonna Judd‘s time at the event.

When asked about Carlile and Mitchell onstage together at the festival — a very special moment, considering Mitchell’s performance hiatus — Morris said it was a “beautiful” thing to have witnessed.

“Brandi’s love for Joni is honestly so wide that I don’t know if she ever thought Joni would get on stage to do something like that. It was foggy, we were in Newport, Rhode Island … it was just so beautiful,” she said, just before dabbing away at tears. “I think what really choked me up aside from her being on stage after 20 years, was Wynonna Judd sitting behind Joni mouthing the words. And also I think she said, ‘I’m not going to make it’ because she was singing ‘Both Sides Now.’”

Cohen then asked the country star who she has a bond with that’s similar to Carlile and Mitchell’s. “On a musical and emotional level — and now I can very luckily call her a friend — is Sheryl Crow. She’s sort of my neighbor now, and she let me use her house studio to make this record [Humble Quest],” Morris explained. “I feel like The Globe Sessions and Tuesday Night Music, those were really formative albums for me in the ’90s, so just listening to that and now her giving such amazing musical motherly advice … yeah, she’s one of those for me that’s one the greatest of all time.”

Watch Morris talk about her friendship with Sheryl Crow, her time at Newport Festival, and dish on drama regarding The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in the videos below.

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