Malu Trevejo Voids Deal With Universal Music Latin, Claims Contract Signed as Minor Was Never Certified

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The now-15-year-old “Luna Llena” singer also plans to bring claims against the In-Tu Linea imprint and co-manager Jorge Pino.
Malu Trevejo (born Maria Luisa Trevejo) and her camp have voided the 15-year-old “Luna Llena” singer’s contract with Universal Music Latin on grounds she was underage when she signed the deal and it was never certified by the court.

As well, she is suing the record label after her attorneys sent notice to disaffirm her exclusive recording agreement.

Last year, when Trevejo was 14, the Cuban-American social-media star signed a recording agreement and co-management agreement with the Universal Music Latin imprint In-Tu Linea, run by CEO Jorge Pino.

Now her legal team is arguing the label denied her rights and Trevejo claims to have filed a declaratory action in Miami-Dade County seeking to validate her disaffirmance.

According to Trevejo’s camp, her legal representatives at The Hachar Law Firm sent notice as a series of professional and personal difficulties began to arise with her label after the release of her debut single “Luna Llena,” which peaked at No. 18 on the Hot Latin Songs chart last fall. The song’s music video has now amassed over 64 million views.

Trevejo’s camp claims it attempted to address the concerns with the label, but the problems persisted, causing concern for the minor’s well-being and an alleged mishandling of her career. When it was brought to the label’s attention it had failed to commence the timely court-approval process as legally required to validate the agreement and remove the disabilities of contracting with a minor, In-Tu Linea allegedly refused to release Trevejo’s third single, “Sueltate,” until it obtained approval of the agreement. This effectively put Trevejo’s career on hold and, according to a statement from her camp, “It became clear to Malu and her family that the relationship with Mr. Pino and the label had severed beyond repair, and she decided to exercise her legal right to void the agreement.”

Trevejo’s action follows a similar move by “Gucci Gang” rapper Lil Pump, who voided his contract with Warner Bros. in January on grounds it was signed while he was a minor and never certified by the court. In March, he signed a new contract with Warner for roughly $8 million, according to sources.

Universal has responded to Trevejo’s lawsuit with a counterclaim against the artist’s furnishing company, her mother and her attorney.

Trevejo’s camp says she intends to bring claims against Pino and In-Tu Linea for breaches of fiduciary duties. A court hearing is scheduled for July 27, 2018.

Attorney Richard Wolfe is representing Trevejo in the court action.

Universal Music did not respond to a request for comment.

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